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The purpose of Maharishi Ayurveda programs is to restore

wholeness to life. An Ayurvedic consultation will help you

understand your constitution, any imbalances which you have accumulated and how to restore balance. 

You were born with a unique combination of the three doshas,

which brings you certain gifts as well as challenges. The doshas influence every aspect of life - from emotions to thoughts,

from dietary preferences to favorite seasons, from relationships

with others to body shape. Your constitution at birth is just

right for you and will not change over time. 

From conception onwards, your life is influenced from all sides.

How you have used your gifts and met the challenges of your constitution in your life's journey determines what imbalances you have accumulated.


Through pulse diagnosis and observation of how you look,

move, talk, and think, the Ayurvedic physician can determine

both your constitution (prakriti) and any imbalances (vikriti).

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