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Representing the elements of air and space, Vata has the properties of quickness, lightness, and movement. 

Description of a VATA person: 

Light, thinner build
Performs activity quickly
Tendency to dry skin
Aversion to cold weather
Irregular hunger and digestion
Quick to grasp new information,

also quick to forget
Tendency toward constipation
Tendency toward worry
Tendency toward light, interrupted sleep, Creativity,

Sensitivity to people

and the environment,

Makes friends quickly
Good at one-on-one conversation

Representing the elements of fire

(and water), Pitta is hot and sharp and governs processes of transformation and metabolism.

Description of a PITTA person:

Moderate build
Performs activity with medium speed
Aversion to hot weather
Sharp hunger and digestion
Medium time to grasp new information
Selective memory
Never misses lunch
Tendency toward irritability and anger
Enterprising and sharp in character
Prefers cold food and drink

Representing the elements of earth and water, Kapha is slow, cold, moist, and unctuous, and governs structure

and fluid balance. 

Description of a KAPHA person: 

Solid, heavier build
Greater strength and endurance
Slow, methodical in activity
Oily, smooth skin
Slow digestion, mild hunger
Tranquil, steady personality
Slow to grasp new information, slow to forget
Slow to become excited or irritated
Sleep is heavy and long
Hair is plentiful, tends to be darker in color






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